14 scientific reasons because tequila is good for you

This article was originally written by Ashley Fern for Elite Daily.

There is no doubt that when people like tequila, really they love. When it comes to this type of alcohol, There are no limits. As the potato chips Pringles campaign explains eloquently "once you start not cannot stop."

You know that group of friends who can never decide which I drink order at the bar? But do you know which suggestion will leave you all dumb? :Tequila. It is both the fanaticism of the people who consume it that have come so far to create fried tequila, something that, si lo consumes, really you drunken. You see people do the same with vodka? No.

So pRéparate to open your eyes to the benefits of tequila, some of whom did not even think were possible.

1. It helps lower blood sugar levels

How is this possible? Good, the agavina, which it is the sugar that comes from agave,ingredient used to make tequila, It increases the production of insulin in the blood and therefore low levels of sugar. Information obtained by the American Chemical Society.


2. It helps you lose weight

So it is, You heard right: tequila there are certain components that can help you lose weight. In tests by SEQ, the tequila helped the mice to lose a significant amount of weight. You would have never thought!

3. It does not surf

Maybe you disagree, but the truth is that we are not talking about the bad, watery tequila to which people are used to drinking. We are talking about a tequila 100% puro de agave. Try drinking that and you'll see that those heads headaches will become a memory of the past.

4. You can drink it without mixing with nothing and you'll want to vomit after

Have you tried drinking vodka shots one after another? It is likely that you returned. But when it comes to a real tequila, You can be sure that there will be any problem.


5. It helps fight cholesterol

Good, let us for a moment more scientists. Increasing fiber in your diet helps lower cholesterol levels. According to the inquiry. Plant Foods For Nutrition, fiber as the agavina It decreases blood triglycerides and cholesterol levels.

6. Helps fight colds

In 1930, Doctors in Mexico used to promote this mixed with tequila to combat colds: 15 ml white tequila, 15 ml de néctar de agave, 15 ml fresh lime juice. And that's it, the colds, disappears!

7. It helps you take the pain

It has been proven that dilates blood vessels tequila, so it generates a better blood circulation, minimizing pain levels. When it is a emotional pain, You can try the tequila also serve for that.

8. Diabetics may also take

The high level of sugar in alcohol is what creates problems for diabetics. However, tequila has much less sugar and therefore have less impact on blood sugar.


9. Makes you look very tough on a first date

How often women we care about to ask on a first date? The response? Calls tequila Stand out from others. Make the impression that you take is indelible. Pou can be sure you will always remember you as the girl who asked tequila on the first date.

10. It will not feel as fat as vodka or beer

Raise your glass and celebrate because the tequila helps regulate the absorption of fat in your intestines! And when it comes to alcohol, everyone knows how much I hate hincharnos.

11. No need something to accompany the drink

One of the best things to drink tequila is that you do not need to mix it with soda.

Honestly, do not need anything to accompany the drink because tequila flavor is so delicious that, if your stomach can not stand ... You can always accompany limes!

12. Everyone respects someone who arrives with a bottle of tequila to prior

There are always those people who insist on bringing a bottle of whiskey to each prior to going and the word we use to describe these people is: basic and traditional. The individual who comes to the party with tequila is by far the most lively and gives life to the meeting.


13. Clean your colon in a very different way than you can imagine

Returning to discuss the results embodied in No. 8, Researchers at the University of Guadalajara in Mexico say the blue agave tequila is in helping to get the drugs to the colon, something that helps treat diseases like Crohn, colitis and even cancer. Who would say?

14. Relaxes you and helps you sleep

Everyone knows that tequila and relaxation go hand in hand. No need to drink too much, one or two shots are sufficient. The next time that you can not sleep, try to drink some tequila.

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