What This Guy Did For His Wife Will Leave You In Tears (Of Laughter). He gave birth

He gave birth

He gave birth …well he felt the pain

He gave birth how often do you hear men say that giving birth to a child can’t be so bad? If men haven’t experienced labor pains, they just don’t know. It’s not like getting kicked or having cramps. It’s on a whole other level. Well after watching this guy cry and moan with this simulation experiment we think is no joke.

This husband decided to find out just how “bad” bringing a human being into this world actually is… and it’s hilarious. He invited his wife in to watch him experience synthetic labor pains that a doctor used. You’ll be rolling on the floor laughing for sure!

The device uses electrostimulation and is called RSQ1 and it produces electric signals that contract and expand muscles. Something they use on athletes for muscular therapy (at lower levels of pain off course)

He gave birth and felt all the pain women go thru when giving birth

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Sit back and enjoy the show.


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