5 spices that help you lose weight.

There are many recipes and exercise plans for weight loss.


These spices are the most effective in the fight to lose weight.
Spices are one of the remedies to lose weight oldest and effective, plus it be a natural way to increase metabolism to burn grasasy, As it has been shown to have significant health benefits.
In addition to speed up metabolism, the properties of the spices help detoxify the body through urine and blood, as they are also effective in controlling blood sugar, cholesterol and triglycerides.

Thus, according to botanical-online.com, here are five of the most effective spices to boost your metabolism and lose weight:

1. It. Because of its properties, as allicin, garlic accelerates the calorie expenditure, reduces water retention and cleanse the body. It stimulates the nervous system to increase the production of hormones, which results in more and better calories, besides acting as an appetite suppressant.



2. Mustard. It is one of the most widely used both for cooking and for its weight loss properties. It is estimated that missed 50 calories to eat it because it speeds up metabolism 25% after testing, besides it is free of fat. Various types, but his dark version tastes better than clear and helps burn more fat accumulated in the tissue.

3. Pepper. This spice increases by 8% consuming our metabolismoluego. It also stimulates gastric secretions and help relieve constipation and gas. For its part, cayenne allows the elimination of toxins from the blood and accelerates to 25% caloric expenditure with just a pinch.

4. Cinnamon. This spice has substances such as limonene, among others, that give this plant a diuretic effect and lipolytic, besides improving digestion and removes flatulence. It has also been shown to be very helpful in reducing appetite in some people and even to calm their anxiety by eating.



5. Ginger. El gingerol (the active ingredient in ginger) It increases the production of growth hormone, which in turn increases the amount degrasa is released deposits, the purpose of which is to be burned as fuel for the body.

Remember that one of the ways to lose weight, effective and natural way, It is to increase caloric expenditure; meaning that, speed up metabolism, which can be achieved by including these spices and other foods in your diet.



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