8 reasons why they want to have fat thighs

I prefer strength rather than thinness.

Remember the trend of "Thigh gap" or "space between legs"? For a while it was all the rage among teenagers and young, do incredible human diets and efforts to achieve their thighs not to get together, which he led to eating disorders and surgeries without justification to achieve this "ideal" of beauty. But those days have already finished (Goodness!).

It may still be girls who want to follow this trend, that really only avoided by health issues. It is not normal that your thighs do not get together on top. Si no naturally you have this space, you should try to change your body forcefully for an ideal ridiculous.

You get it or not, because your body is so, you're beautiful and you must accept it. In fact, we have a certain complexion is due to how our bones are set and the position naturally take. For most of us, We do not have to do terrible diets and exercises all day - anyway since you're so, and most healthy is to accept.


To motivate and get out of your mind the sacrifice for this ideal, we give 11 reasons I do want my thighs are thicks, and not be afraid that they are fully together.

1. You must accept your body and stop wanting another

You'll feel much better if you stop complaining about every detail of your appearance and think about your attributes. Make a list of those features that are beautiful and unique about you. Maybe you should make an effort because you are not used, because you have locked too want to reach other body. Leave that, perfection as a concept does not exist, You will achieve only if you're happy with who you are and see in you.

2. But this will only depress you if you continue with impossible ideas in your mind

Stress you and push you to achieve something that is very difficult for you, not because you are still faltering, but because you are not made so, one will hurt you. Do not let this happen to you, It is not fun for anyone,, really, not deserve this.



3. Es nice

Each body shape has its beauty, you are only able to see. Change your perspective, because no matter how thin you are or if you have a few extra kilos, your thighs are going to hit like! Thick thighs (There is a wide range in this) They are a beautiful curve having your body. Open your eyes and make the most of this.

4. It means you're healthier

Studies suggest that large thighs reduce your risks have heart disease and may prolong your life expectancy. These investigations have been developed in the last 10 years, and continuously scientists come to the same conclusion. It is usually related to muscle mass, because the more you have to make your body better manage insulin amounts, which can lead to diabetes and heart disease.




5. It is fashionable

Several campaigns have emerged in recent years, avoiding women role models too thin, that is what is to say no to avoid this trend the space between the legs again.

Further, every time we see more actresses, sportsmen and singers They do not change your body to be in the entertainment industry, and they are gorgeous, as Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, Serena Williams, Iggy Azalea, Sofia Vergara, Nicki Minaj and the list goes on.

Perhaps not everyone agrees how it's done, but if done: currently there popular acceptance about being more curvy girls and that this is not a defect. Your body is beautiful and you have no reason to change!

6. It stands for strength

Have a thick body implies strength. Many women who are fit and have plans of exercises you can search the Internet for inspiration, They have wide thighs, it gives them a special balance for certain activities.

So take your mind and your social networks the concept of "thinspiration" (thin inspiration), and looking better role models!



7. Prolonged you have fun at the dance floor

This is related to the force point. Since you have more stability in the lower part of your body, you can last much longer those times you go out dancing with friends or with your boyfriend. Your legs do not get tired so easily, and you will continue with much more energy than the rest of your group. What you did not know? For dancing and salt!

8. Simple: It gives you more heat

Think of the cold winter days. Think of all the wind that caresses you "soft" body, causing tirites. While less space in your body comes, best.

Having thighs together for their grosos, prevent air passes by, and will provide more heat in the area to support those days. And it's better if you walk and you keep moving.



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