This child playing with a pet very strange. Look at the second 0:42 and will surprise WOW

There are some wonderful videos out there that show humans befriending wild animals.


The rabbits, squirrels and even deer were caught on video with people as pets and fuck what they feed. But you've never seen a video like this! This is so strange that I could not help seeing as I had to check that this child made friends with a sea creature that is not normally associated with humans.


This guy really is a pet and feeds his hand to a manta! This is a baby stingray but it is actually quite large.


Many mantarraya have a sting that is poisonous, so this video is even harder to see. While usually they are not aggressive, who use their sting to defend, eg, when humans accidentally step on one at the water. This is what we normally associate with stingray, as often stories of people wading in the water is choppy and accidentally stepping over and leads them to a painful bite. But here we have a small child actually petting a stingray, raising the flaps will, and feeding their own hands!



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