Miley Cyrus has left the closet and told his mom

Miley Cyrus one you see more pushes the limits of their sexuality.

In an interview with the magazine PAPER admitted it was vegetarian who defended the rights of animals.

That is involved in foundations that help the homeless “homeless” and the organization for their sifras in English “LGBT” which means Lesbian, Gais, Bisexeuales and Transgender.

In sexuality he says he does not care about the gender of the person being age or who are over 18 years and being the sexual act is legal likes all.


She remembers her mother to confess the 14 years I had romantic desire for other girls. Was so difficult for her to understand it.

She did not want me to be jusgada wrong and it was not hell.

Finally out and I accept and follow creeyendo me as I am.




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