According to scientists the key to happiness is acquired traveling and not buying things.

Fountain: Journal of Positive Psychology.

It was always said that money can not buy happiness. It seems that this saying is absolutely true from a scientific point of view. A recent scientific study of San Francisco State University finds that a person is happier when you build memories based on experiences that will last forever, what you get to travel and not buying binge.

At the same time, experts determined based on a series of surveys, those who acquire a certain object, They tend to devalue instantly after purchase.

“We buy things to be happy, and we succeed, but only for a while. New things are exciting times for us at the beginning, but then we adapt to them”, explains, was quoted by the online edition of the newspaper Daily Elite, researcher Thomas Gilovich.
In this sense, the expert does not criticize the acquisition of certain objects as a form of punctual happiness, although when this practice is constant.

“I'm not saying you should never reward a couple of difficult weeks with a new suit and a night out, but our biggest investments should go experiences that create memories for a lifetime rather than an element that will lose his cool factor within a few years”, the firm.



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