Course study says looking at the woman chest extends the life of man.

The course study was conducted by a group of doctors from three hospitals in Frankfurt.


A study course that collect various forms of domestic and foreign media indicates that a group of scientists has determined that men who have a special fixation with women's breasts may extend up to five years to your life. These publications, among which are menshealth or Daily Record, They argue that according to Dr. Karen Weatherby, gerontologist and research leader, a few minutes a day is enough. "Just looking 10 minutes the charms of a well-endowed woman is almost equivalent to work 30 minute aerobic exercise ", said explain Weatherby.


These publications added that research have taken just a group of doctors from three hospitals in Frankfurt and came to this conclusion after studying the health of 200 male patients. Apparently, half of the patients were instructed to look upon women and the other half abstained from it. The study found that those who watched carefully patient's breasts women had fewer problems with heart disease.


While stating that the study has been published in the prestigious magazine The New England Journal of Medicine, this newspaper could not resist nor the veracity of this fact or the existence of Dr. Karen Weatherby.



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