A homeless boy homeless and begging on the streets of New York. As people responded surprised me.

This is an experiment to see this child who helps homeless in New York City.

It's amazing how people spend and do not help the child. We live so immersed in our routine life that we notice around us. We do not realize that the most important thing is we the people.
It is especially sad to see children suffering from the epidemic to live homeless and homeless. They are especially powerless and helpless against the harsh elements of living outdoors.


The problem is so serious that many of us avoid eye contact with the homeless, let alone offer any help. Of course, if we help all homeless individuals we are, we would not be able to financially sustain ourselves.
But when it comes to children, it's hard not offer any help or assistance. Or is it?


This social experiment was set up to see if people notice or stopped for a homeless child in the streets. A child is placed in the street pretending to be helpless homeless person with a garbage bag over it as a shield against the cold. How much help get? How many people avoid notice the? Watch what happens in the video.



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