10 bad things you do to your hair

As much as we would like standards hair care are simple and definitive,


There are many ways that you could be harming your hair and maybe not even know.

  1. Using old-style tools, uncleaned

Want furry sure to clean brushes, that they are breeding grounds for germs and old waste - things that nobody wants in her hair. “Remove the brush hair after each combing session,” Informa Elizabeth Cunnane Philips, one based in New York Trichologist. Once a month, clean brushes and combs with a little baking soda and water, dissolve well, soak for a few minutes and rinse thoroughly. Baking soda removes oils and products that can be caught in the bristles.


  1. Using a hard spring

It is not the year 1995, but gums or "gummy" may be making a comeback. The best type of elastic for use in hair is something covered in fabric - a loop of thick and thin filaments can irritate your hair causing breakage if pulls too hard. If you just want the hair from her face, comes back with forks or claws gently pulling. Nothing too tight is harmful, so try to leave at least tight as possible.


  1. Infusing hair with many chemicals.

Too many man-made chemicals are bad for any part of your body - and your hair is no exception. Too coloring, keratin and relaxing can cause breakage and damage. Be sure to keep the number of chemical processes to a minimum and the possibility of establishing a routine that involves preventive care before undergoing chemical treatments, as a mask or ELASTICIZER scalp - a protective pre-shampoo treatment - a few days before the visit to the hairdresser. When you arrive at the salon, always tell your stylist about any prior treatment, although work could still damage your hair.


  1. Set the dryer with excessive heat

Excess heat removes hair its natural moisture, cuticles causing dry and fall off - leading to some filaments are thirsty notice. So they tell us not to turn our dryers at the highest level, but how do you know how hot is too hot? To begin with, not turn the dial over “half”. They also suggest testing the hair back with the palm of your hand, if your skin feels comfortable, you found a good level of heat. If you have seriously stubborn hair and must wear extra heat, always make sure you are using a heat shield. And as a rule, less heat better, so try to style your hair when it is dry as possible - not dry when it is wet, However, wait until this wet.


  1. Do not put heat shield

You've heard it over and over again, but for good reason. It is important to prevent damage to the hair shaft, spray protector de calor. “Axis help maintain moisture and prevent breakage due to excess moisture and coated filaments”. Spray on wet or dry for about six inches away hair style just before heat with a hair dryer, or curling iron. Make sure it covers every section to be exposed to heat, but not so much that the hair is soaked again. Spray a light spray will do the trick.


  1. taking too long between haircuts

If you are already playing a lot with your tips, it can be a wakeup call awaiting you for a trim. Over time, the ends tend to split into even more tips, causing the hair is thin and weaken put more split ends. To maintain healthy hair try to cut half an inch of its ends every month or every two months if you're trying to grow long hair. Dead ends do not add the length of your hair, trimming gives your hair a chance to restart.


  1. Combing from the roots down.

Brush your hair from the top down can cause tears and cracks. To be it in a more gentle way, divide the hair into sections three to four-inch soft bottom up. To do this, Tease a few centimeters from the bottom and brush where your hand. Move your hand a few centimeters and repeat the process until the roots. Thus, there is a long stroke from the top to the bottom, but baby small strokes are much softer.


  1. Very rough handling wet hair

When the hair is wet, scales can lift cuticles, making the most delicate and more susceptible to extreme wet strand breakage when the hair is dry. Be sure to always soft damp hair comb with wide tooth comb, using a narrow brush or comb can be very hard because pulling too hard causing pins and break. The same goes for towel drying, which can lead to tearing or breaking the chains if rubbed too.


  1. Putting many products

The last thing you want to do is cause accumulation and deprave the hair of its natural oils. If you have fine hair, eventually overwhelmed their locks, creating the opposite effect of what you want to achieve. In natural hair, too many products can create dry strands of the cuticle layer and prevent the arrival to the center moisturizing serums. And while the thicker hair takes a bit better products, start with less product than you think you need, increasing if that amount does the trick. Every woman needs heat shield, dry shampoo for greasy days and heat, shine serum for days that are very curly. To use additional products or are unsure if you are putting too, try to apply products to test in your hands to loosen a bit, you can always add more.


  1. maintain the same shampoo hair change

Most women seem to think they need to change routinely shampoo to prevent your hair developed product compatibility. It is not true, dice a Philips. “Change your shampoo when circumstances change your hair, eg, if you have added color or highlights”. Further, Many women tend to experience some type of hair loss during pregnancy. When this happens, try switching to a shampoo and conditioner for thinning hair, which it was initially developed for hair loss after childbirth.




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