15 Foods that you buy once and can replant forever

15 Foods that you buy once and can replant forever



When using chives, separate all the white part and another piece of the green part. Place in a glass of water covering about 2.5 cm (the white part). Leave a sunny and in a few days site will have new onions to use and will not need to buy. Change the water every day. If you have a yard, you can also replant and have more onions than any Monica could take up to share with friends, neighbors and family.

Basil 15 Foods that you buy once and can replant forever


I think the tastiest and most fragrant of spices. Separate about three pairs of rods, cut them with a 10-15 cm, the most beautiful choice, remove the underside of leaves, also the flowers, leaving only a few leaves on top. Place in a glass cup with water halfway and leave it in a sunny place, changing the water every two days. Then, when the roots are about the size of 2 cm it is time to replant an average vessel, large or in a planter because he needs space and sun. So have basil for a year without problems, pesto sauces, margarita pizzas and any other dish # delight.


plantando hortela

works the same way as the basil. Then also needs to be planted in a larger, with holes at the bottom pot, because she needs drained soil and plenty of water. In no time the land may become dry. So beware of the afternoon sun. You have also seen, passed the guard today ?!


replantando alecrim

Do the same initial process of basil and mint. After the Galinhos plant in a pot with holes at the bottom to drain the water, a mixture of coarse sand 2/3 and 1/3 moss land. The composition of the earth, as one realizes that he does not like a lot of water, so not too drizzle, keep it in a sunny spot. Go cutting Galinhos when you need to, then replant again. This technique can be used with other spices, such as coriander.



Here we take advantage of the bulb leaves. Need not be replanted if placed teeth in a glass bowl with water, grow shoots that will be great with roast potatoes, hummus, guacamole and any salad for example, but only use the ends, which are tastier. To replant garlic itself, is far more labor intensive, see by step.step




Same as garlic, let’s enjoy the little leaves. Also do not need to plant, you can use the leaves to complement soups, salads and drinks to fruit, they are very nutritious. Will use exactly that of the head of the carrot that all play out. Just like in the picture, it is the ideal place several a bowl half full of water, in 15 days begin to sprout.


almace romana replantar


You can also go for hydroponic cultivation. Just grab a head of lettuce, one that would play out, and put in a bowl with water, replace when necessary.not have Alfaçãothat,but it will be your alfacinha. #tibunitinho

Celery (Celery)


Widely used now in the regime of soups, then replant better not to get spending money. Just cut there in the stalk, about 5 cm, and leave in a bowl as a saucer deeper water, changing forever (or use a glass of water). Also dampen the top of the plant to not dry out. Leave it in a sunny spot. Will see that amarelinhas sprigs spring up in the center, then turn solid green. After 5-7 days of complete budding leaves, go to a vase with a good mixture of soil and holes to drain the water and will soon have celery stalks to your dishes and soups.




Like the celery, reuse the bottom (root), “useless” of vegetables. All very easy.


DSC_0567 done


The family chives and as such, also flows easily in water. Cutting the stalk with the root portion, about 5 cm, and put a not very deep container with two sticks or supports, one on each side, with water until the beginning of the root check and taking care not to evaporate and dry. If low temperature season you can keep the same water, but if it is summer, repot in a pot with prepared land, after creating the roots. And the little leaves will sprout and sprout …

Lemon Balm

erva cidreira


You do not need that big clump. Get five or six stalks, leave the water to create the roots and move to the pot with the soil already prepared. It supports well the sun, should be watered often, so will their lemongrass tea for that when you’re sleepless … #amomuitotudoisso.




With the end of the discarded onion root, do the same technique of water chives, and many other than quoted. Then, after appearing the roots, put the sun in a vase with quality land or directly into the ground outside.

This is the easiest and most usable in our daily lives. But of course it has a lot of interesting and more complicated thing, for Sweet potato

  • example: and pineapple In this site,other than those already taught, detail how to reuse these two delicacies, great for health
  • Ginger. That other site,there are several replanting tips. The ginger flower is very cute, I think I’ll do to stop decoration-.
  • Avocado Although use the seed, is a classic. Even my children did it at school, but had no where to plant later. Step by step here.

Good health and good harvest !!!


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