Judge recognises another familiar face

Judge recognises another familiar face
Miami, FL


The Miami-Dade county judge Mindy Glazer who recognized a former middle school mate last month has found another familiar face in the courtroom on July 27, 2015. The judge realises that she has been on a Caribbean cruise with Alon Glenn the week prior.


She said: “You had a nice cruise? I’m glad to be back to work. I had to watch four kids!”

She then said: “It was a fun time huh?” and he responded with “Yes, but this is crazy.”



Glenn was appearing at an extradition hearing on a fraud charge from Georgia. Judge Glazer denied his request for bond as the decision would have to be made by the court in Georgia.

Glenn’s court appearance ultimately had a disappointing outcome with his request for bond being denied since the case is from Georgia.

Still, Glazer appeared to side a bit with Glenn’s request, reasoning that if he had wanted to flee he could have while on the cruise, which made several stops.


Earlier this month Judge Glazer recognised a defendant from middle school. Arthur Booth broke down when she asked him if he had gone to Nautilus Middle School.



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