Actor Terrence Howard testifies crying that his ex-wife extorsiono it in divorce

I extorsiono in divorce
Los Angeles (USA)

American actor Terrence Howard today testified between sobs at the trial of his ex-wife, Michelle Ghent, which accused of extorting it so that it will sign in 2012 a separation agreement that forces him to pay 5.800 dollars a month and a percentage of their new revenues, According to TMZ.

Howard, from 46 years, It was nominated for an Oscar for “Hustle & Flow” (2005) and it is one of the players of the moment in Hollywood where stars in the popular television series “Empire”.

According to his testimony, Ghent, from 38 years, He threatened to publish compromising sexual videos and revealing that he had herpes in order to force him to give her what she asked for in the divorce process.

The actor told the Court of Los Angeles, who feared that if had come to light these recordings his career would have ended.

extorsiono en divorcio

Howard and Ghent got married in 2010 and the following year they filed the divorce papers.

During his statement, Howard confessed multiple infidelities and have even beaten to Ghent, Although he claimed it was in self-defense.

The ex-wife obtained a restraining order in 2013 After ensuring that Howard attacked her when they tried to reconcile in Costa Rica, According to The New York Daily News.

Howard asks the Court to it override the agreement of separation that considered abusive.



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