How to alleviate a headache with a 3 minute massage. [video]

The “cervical spine” also called the neck is the most mobile segment of your body.

It is estimated that a person moves their neck 15,000 times per day.
It consists of cervical vertebrae, vertebral discs and supported by muscles and ligaments.

Cervical spine are nerves that give sensibility and motor to the arms.
Around the 10% of the adult population suffers at some point in their life of neck pain and head aches. Up 90% of them experience some form of headache so intense that it reaches their eyes.

We bring you a fantastic massage that can relieve you from even your headache or neck pain.

Look at the photos of the auto massage and if you have time look at the video is only 3:48 minutes.

source: Fisioterapia a tu alcance / Youtube (spanish video)



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