This homeless man was given a free pizza. What he did with it made me cry!

New York City, NY.


Imagine yourself in the city, sitting outside and enjoying your lunch. Suddenly, a random person comes to you and asks you for some of your food. What would you do? That’s the idea behind this social experiment conducted by the team of OckTV. They wanted to see what would happen if strangers were asked for a slice of pizza. What do you think happened? Warning: there’s some ugly language, but this video is a great lesson …

Please help if you can. For you maybe 5 or 6 dollars of your pocket. For somebody else might mean eating food for that day or not.

By looking at this social experiment I can see the reality of the society we live in. The “haves” don’t want to share their belongings even if means nothing to them. The “have nots” are more willing to share because they feel how hard it is to have anything to eat. I think food is something we can share with everybody.

I often give food to people that approach me. A lot of beggars will come and ask for money, but I would ask them what they wanted it for, if they said it was for food I will buy them a slice or get them food. I wouldn’t give them money because from my own experience, I will see these guys go out and buy drugs, alcohol, cigarettes.

I rather drink the alcohol my self and not buy it for anybody to get drunk. Food is something different. Food is a necessity that I think everybody on this earth should have. Even homeless people. Especially homeless people.



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