5 reasons why having sex in the morning makes you more attractive

Sexo en la mañana

Sex in the morning


Making love in the morning three times a week, also improves defenses and slows aging.
Want to know more benefits? Read.

1. Increases testosterone levels in men, which helps strengthen bones and prevent osteoporosis.

2. Activates blood circulation and lowers blood pressure, thereby significantly reducing the risk of stroke.

3. If you make love in the morning it makes you more attractive because an orgasm increases estrogen and that is directly related to the smoothness of the skin and hair health.
sexo en la manana

4. A study by the State University of New York found that women who have sex in the morning improve their mood and are less prone to depression.

5. For women, sex in the morning protects against suffering from endometriosis.
Besides pleasure, Sex strengthens your health and so early in the morning you’ll enjoy it a little more.

More benefits

For those who count calories, having sex can burn up to 200 calories, equivalent to a long walk. A prolonged foreplay, it would be like playing a game of tennis or squash for 40 minutes.

“This improves aerobic fitness, because the increase in the heartbeat, Thus, is better then a good exercise, It is entertaining and beneficial to health “, states Odette Friendly.

To add another benefit, that the sweat from having sex , cleans skin pores leaving a brighter skin, while reducing the risk of developing dermatitis.

Now the only recommendation is that: “Everyone should try it and see whether they enjoy it and if they do feel it starts their day off nicely,” sex therapist Dr. Ross L. Tabisel advocates. “Some people do like morning sex better than night sex—they’re tired at night and in the morning they feel much better. Women and men should be willing to try everything, as long as it’s consensual. There’s no reason not to try it.



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