Ever wonder why dogs sniff each other ‘s behind?

Ever wonder why dogs sniff the each other


The sense of smell of a dog is much higher than that of humans.
A human being has a 5 million smelling receptors in the nose, while dogs have about 220 millions. Dogs can detect multiple flavors, when we can not smell anything.


Many people think that when dogs sniff their behind is some kind of greeting but it is much more than that. Through inhalation, Dogs can learn things from others.
While we can vaguely detect an odor, our dogs collect a range of information through their noses.


These odors are especially strong around the genitals and anus. These odors in this area can tell the other dogs gender, reproductive status, diet, its health, temperament, and much more.
A dog may also remember smells and therefore can determine whether it has or has not previously been with this dog. Many dogs also use this behavior to find out more about humans.


Should I let my dog ​​sniff other dogs?
It is ideal to let the dogs get together and play in pairs. Dogs may actually be less likely to fight if they take the time to “know” and meet each other. Make sure that the meeting is healthy and supervised, taking into account the behavior and body language of dogs. It is important to know that dogs are more likely to be excited in groups, This can lead to fights.


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