How to turn your smartphone into a CSI blacklight What you’ll see next might be repulsing

Turn your smartphone into a CSI blacklight


News about epidemic viruses and contagious diseases surface the news every day.


A lot of this viruses are gotten by people that have poor hygiene and don’t use safe ways to disinfect their surroundings full of germs. The problem is that many of these microscopic germs and diseases are not visible to the plain view human eye.

turn your smartphone into a CSI blacklight

But don’t worry on this Youtube video the user Endo75 is going to show you how to quickly create a blacklight to be able to shine it at any surface on the bathroom, kitchen or anywhere you come in contact with. What you will reveal will be quite shocking especially around those areas in the bathroom that your body comes in contact with quite often.

After you do this you might have a better idea of what you need to do to protect yourself from these harmfull germs. Is better to be safe than sorry.



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